Monday, August 16, 2010

Who Gives Them the Right?

If you Google "fashion police" numerous articles pop up, from: Celebrity Fashion E! Online to The Fashion Police Fashion Blog in the UK and US. They even go as far as having a website,, where you can report people who you think violate fashion.

"Fashion Police" is a term which refers to the idea of an imaginary police force that makes sure that people dress according to fashion." (Wikipedia) Hmmmmmm.... Let's look up fashion and see what the definition of that word means. Fashion: "a general term for the style and custom prevalant at a given time...refers to costume or clothing style." (Wikipedia)

But who gives fashion police the right to criticize or ridicule people for how they dress? I'll tell you who gives them the right...THEY DO! They are self-appointed!! WHAT? These so-called self-appointed fashion police, who make their living off of making fun of other's clothing, do nothing but lower self-esteem and limit self-expression. Everyone should be able to dress how they want. Fashion is a personal style that expresses who you are to the world. No one shoul dbe worried about what other's think.

The people in the entertainment industry should take the higher ground and promote individuality and different fashion styles.

Here at Emerge, we will definitely do that!