Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Poetry Corner

"Hurricane Party"



Special state of mind

Feeling that way

Phone Call


Watch her Arrive

Wind whistling










Wet Inside

Wet Outside


Her Inside

Wind Outside


Water hitting the window

"Thank you” Kiss

"Goodbye" Glance


Back on

Watch her Leave

Wet Walk of Shame

Ain’t nothing like a Hurricane Storm Party

by ML Kasper Kain

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

No Phone Zone

“No Phone Zone”, Oprah’s ongoing movement in regards to keeping Americans off the phone while driving. But like any plan of action to create a safer America can we really say this movement will make the impact she seeks?                           
  Walking down the street and especially driving in your car it’s almost impossible to not witness the wired American; whether its blue-tooth in one ear or phone in one hand technology seems to consume our lives.  
  We all want to live in a safer environment but while laws have been implemented to keep us off the phone and attention on the road it hasn’t seemed to counteract with the fact that about six-thousand Americans and half a million injuries are caused by driving while on the phone each year.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

After 9/11...

“Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave”, I can say in a great abundance of gratitude that those last few lines haven’t rung more true than on September 11th, 2001.  This event held the nation or even the entire world at a standstill. We watched in shock, screams and silence as this complete horror took place before our eyes. After the following days that pursued we knew it would take a great deal of time to pick ourselves up from the attacks and return to life as normal but as New Yorkers and Americans we did what we could to keep on moving.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Review Blood: TRUE BLOOD Season Finale Re-cap of Ep. 48

Episode 48 and done counting (until next season)… “And When I Die

My fellow fans of one of the better HBO original series, I write to you this time with a shocked and rather saddened demeanor.  If you’ve been following my re-caps of the show that I sometimes refer to as the Blood that is True, then you may already have an idea as to why I am so sad.  As much as I would love to begin this final review of the fourth season with that very reason, I must start at the right spot.  That spot being the beginning.

Jesus quickly realizes that something is not quite right with the love of his life, Lafayette, when he tries to kiss his boyfriend goodbye.  After a pretty awkward lip-to-lip exchange, he receives a fork through the hand for his discovery.  Elsewhere, everything seems pretty normal after the battle with Marnie.  Even though Halloween is upon the town of Bon Temps, its citizens are all carrying on as normal.  At least as normal as they can.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Please Silence your Phones, and your Mouths

I’m sure it’s all happened to us.  You finally find some spare time to take in a movie.  You check your local listings, find someone to go with, arrive at the theater, empty half of your savings account for two tickets, locate the theater playing your film, seek out two seats, nestle into them and prepare yourself to enjoy roughly two hours of uninterrupted entertainment. 

Wait; did I just say the word ‘uninterrupted’?  It appears that I did.  I’m sorry, I was referring to life in an ideal world.  A movie world that just doesn’t exist unless you’re rich and have managed to build your own in-home theater.  A film sanctuary that you can retreat to when the burdens of actual life have become too much to bear.  A place where there are no ticket lines, concession stands, sticky floors and gum-stained seats.  Where the lead-usher is none other than yourself and you reserve the right to remove anyone you damn well please because, simply put, you can…and oh, you will.