Friday, June 24, 2011

Poetry Corner

C'est la Vie

She’s bed bound, gazing into his eyes
His hands slowly creep up her thighs

Things got steamy when he pulls the cover over his head
This moment so romantic, rose pedals all over the bed

Top drawer, pull out the rubber
Because she’s too young to be some baby’s mother

There are other dangerous things to put into consideration
Like having an STD affiliation

She fell in love instantly or maybe it was lust
But little does she know, he already left her in the dust

Seven missed calls and a thousand texts later
She finally figured out that he doesn’t want to date her

Sad, angry, miserable, hurt, oh, the pain
Tears flowing just like the rain

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Me vs. Marriage

“…and the prince came to rescue the girl and they lived happily ever after.”

Ah yes, the fairy tale. Those lovable stories we all read as children about being rescued and living life happily ever after. Fairy tales, the main source of fantasy that makes us want to find that ‘perfect’ someone (more on that in another article) and live out the rest of our days holding each others’ hands and all that other crap. So we set out and hope to find that one person to someday call husband or wife. Now let’s ask this question, do you remember the days when marriage was about basking in the love two people shared with one another? I don’t either, because nowadays the whole ‘institution’ of marriage has become something of a joke. Between those who treat it as such and those who have their own agenda as to why they get married in the first place, the notion of having to be married to someone has become a bit silly in my eyes. Lives have been crippled by messy divorces and victims of spousal infidelity and loveless jail-cell like homes have driven people to do unspeakable things. So why is there such a need for people to take this big of a chance? What are they trying to prove and who exactly are they trying to prove it to?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday's Flick Picks

New Release: X-Men: First Class (2011)

We know how we all feel about the previous X-Men films. And, well, that feeling is not too good. Personally, I felt part 1 was decent but weak at the same time. I honestly really enjoyed the first sequel. The action, introduction of new characters and overall plot was great. Then we were introduced to the third installment and we wanted to cry. Cry due to mourning over a franchise which seemed to have such great promise. Then news dropped of several possible spin-offs depicting our favorite mutants and the telling of their origins. First up, arguably the most popular X-Man, Wolverine. Our tears from the last movie were followed by the laying of black flowers on the franchises’ grave after that project. It did wonderful at the Box Office, despite being leaked prior to its release, but the quality of the movie was pretty subpar. We removed our funeral clothing at the end of the day and prepared ourselves for no more X-Men movies. Well at least we hoped.

Our hopes were first met with news of an origin story for Magneto. We gasped and prayed that they wouldn’t demolish his iconic standing as they did with Logan’s. We also heard of a possible project for Deadpool. Another gasp escaped our lungs and more prayers followed. Then there was quiet, a much welcomed quiet. Then that silence was interrupted by rumors of a completely separate project to display Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters before they were actual heroes. Another gasp began and then halted when we realized that Bryan Singer, who directed the first two films, wasn’t directing this one. He did produce it but director Matthew Vaughn took over the official helming duties. Skepticism still arose but they I think it can be put to rest now.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Random Literature

I Remember

"The farthest star in the sky burns the brightest."

I'll always remember the first day I met you. You came into my life so unexpectedly and within an instant left me completely breathless. We were introduced so nonchalantly but it took all my courage and brainpower just to form words in my mouth. "Don't say anything stupid Andre. Don't mess this up." These were the only words swimming in my head as I desperately tried not to make myself look like a complete fool in front of you. We only spoke for a few minutes but that was all it took. I was convinced that no matter the circumstance you and I would grow old together.

I'll always remember how you consumed my every thought. I would sit and allow all my fantasies with you; adventurous... sexual... lifelong... to run wild with no limitations. Thoughts of you would accompany me in bed at night along with the same questions I asked myself every  time you popped in my head.  "Who exactly is this woman and how has she taken me over like this? I didn't know these kinds of feelings could exist in something like me, so how is this happening now? Why her? What is it about her?" I knew you and I would meet again in the future and I eagerly anticipated what our next encounter would be like because it was then that you were to going to find out exactly how I felt about you.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Poetry Corner

Everytime I Walk Away From You

I don’t see you all that often
But still get nervous all the same

On the way I’m good, I feel fine
Drawing nearer and nearer, I slightly panic

The closer I get, the more my heart quickens
Pounding through my chest trying to escape

Probably wanting to run away
To avoid anymore inevitable pain

Falling upon you, my eyes halt for a moment
Each chance is like seeing you for the first time all over again

Your skin so silky and smooth
Doesn’t have to be sunny for it to shine

Instinct says to reach out and pluck you, like a delicious fruit
But like to Adam, you are forbidden to me

Avoiding your eyes because I know that I will lose control
Surely things will spill from my mouth, like those 3 precious words

Tryin’ to play it cool, focusing on other things
Such as the task at hand, exchanging our beloved treasure

Hard to admit so I keep things to myself
Like the times I miss you more than I miss him

Departing your presence, I always want to stay longer
But we both know that would never work

I’m too stubborn to suggest
And you don’t feel the same as I do

My heart goes from pounding to pieces
Every time I walk away from you

Finally achieving things in my life, many of them good
But success means nothing without you to share it with

Feeling like cuts in my wrists, knife through my wounded heart
Or a rope around my neck would be better

Looking away from remindings of you
Cuz I can’t handle the memories

Fighting back tears as I drive away
Oh, how badly do I always want to stay

It’s said times like these, you should pray
But I don’t even think God can make this a happy day

Can’t force you to love me, wishing the pain would end
How would it feel if you never had to see me again?

by ML Kasper Kain