Friday, June 10, 2011

Poetry Corner

Everytime I Walk Away From You

I don’t see you all that often
But still get nervous all the same

On the way I’m good, I feel fine
Drawing nearer and nearer, I slightly panic

The closer I get, the more my heart quickens
Pounding through my chest trying to escape

Probably wanting to run away
To avoid anymore inevitable pain

Falling upon you, my eyes halt for a moment
Each chance is like seeing you for the first time all over again

Your skin so silky and smooth
Doesn’t have to be sunny for it to shine

Instinct says to reach out and pluck you, like a delicious fruit
But like to Adam, you are forbidden to me

Avoiding your eyes because I know that I will lose control
Surely things will spill from my mouth, like those 3 precious words

Tryin’ to play it cool, focusing on other things
Such as the task at hand, exchanging our beloved treasure

Hard to admit so I keep things to myself
Like the times I miss you more than I miss him

Departing your presence, I always want to stay longer
But we both know that would never work

I’m too stubborn to suggest
And you don’t feel the same as I do

My heart goes from pounding to pieces
Every time I walk away from you

Finally achieving things in my life, many of them good
But success means nothing without you to share it with

Feeling like cuts in my wrists, knife through my wounded heart
Or a rope around my neck would be better

Looking away from remindings of you
Cuz I can’t handle the memories

Fighting back tears as I drive away
Oh, how badly do I always want to stay

It’s said times like these, you should pray
But I don’t even think God can make this a happy day

Can’t force you to love me, wishing the pain would end
How would it feel if you never had to see me again?

by ML Kasper Kain