Saturday, June 11, 2011

Random Literature

I Remember

"The farthest star in the sky burns the brightest."

I'll always remember the first day I met you. You came into my life so unexpectedly and within an instant left me completely breathless. We were introduced so nonchalantly but it took all my courage and brainpower just to form words in my mouth. "Don't say anything stupid Andre. Don't mess this up." These were the only words swimming in my head as I desperately tried not to make myself look like a complete fool in front of you. We only spoke for a few minutes but that was all it took. I was convinced that no matter the circumstance you and I would grow old together.

I'll always remember how you consumed my every thought. I would sit and allow all my fantasies with you; adventurous... sexual... lifelong... to run wild with no limitations. Thoughts of you would accompany me in bed at night along with the same questions I asked myself every  time you popped in my head.  "Who exactly is this woman and how has she taken me over like this? I didn't know these kinds of feelings could exist in something like me, so how is this happening now? Why her? What is it about her?" I knew you and I would meet again in the future and I eagerly anticipated what our next encounter would be like because it was then that you were to going to find out exactly how I felt about you.

I'll always remember the one chance I had to make a mark in your life and to share with you the darkest secrets of my own life. It's probably what I remember most when I think about you today. I approached that night with great hope and excitement knowing that I would not only get to see you again, but knowing that this may very well be the start of an intense and glorious relationship between us. Little did I realize that it would become the night of my biggest regret. I often ask myself why I chose to keep my words to myself at the last minute. Looking back I guess there were a number of reasons but they can all be narrowed down to one thing. Despite all the feelings I had for you I knew I would never be able to give you all the things I wanted to give you. I knew there would be someone out there that could give you the life you wanted and at the expense of my own fantasies, I was willing to make sure you had that opportunity.

They say the farthest star in the sky burns the brightest and in regards to you, truer words have never been spoken. You'll always be that image of my wildest dreams and fantasies that will forever be impossibly out-of-reach. And although we may never speak again, I must thank you. Thank you for showing me new hope in a time when dark was the only thing I knew, and for giving me something new to strive for. You may have only made a temporary stop in my life but you were everything I never knew I wanted. No doubt you've forgotten all about me as you live out the remainder of your days, but I'll remember you. I'll always
remember you..."557"

by Andre Harry