Thursday, August 26, 2010

OMG!! Shoes...These shoes rule & these shoes suck!

Today, I was looking through photos from a fashion show and, not to throw any designers under the bus, but Chanel & Gucci are attempting to bring back the clogs. Are they really bringing back the clog? REALLY?

I was having a yard sale this past weekend and my mother placed a pair of open toe clogs (yes, I know...hideous) out near the front of the drive way. I told my mother that she should just throw the clogs away and that no one will buy them. Also, they will scare the customers away. She still placed the clogs near the front of the drive way. And believe it or not a few minutes later there was a laday smiling from cheek to cheek accusing MOI of not being a good sales person. She said, "I am not good at yard sales. How much do I want for these?" And in her hand were the clogs! So I told the lady "$20" hoping she would not want to buy them just so no human being would torture his or herself in a pair of shoes like that. Do you think she bought them? Yes...yes she did. Ugh!

The moral of the story is....


  • over the knee boots
  • pumps with knee high trendy socks
  • shiny and textured shoes
  • purple round toe pumps
  • concealed high platforms
  • cut out booties
  • fur booties
  • fringed foot wear


  • clogs
  • mules

Just type in "gucci clogs" in google and see for yourself.

Also look on Youtube under "these shoes rule and these shoes suck" and see other's opnions.