Friday, November 11, 2011

Girls are Stupid, Boys are Somewhat Smart part 6

...which brings us to the finale.  It's finally over, the last part of my mild tirade on why females should rely more on their common sense sometimes over their emotions.  Hopefully those of you who have been reading this have grasped and understood the actual concept which is not me simply bashing women. I love them way too much to do that.  I'm just trying to save the world, one misguided female at a time.

Last Part (I promise):

I came across a pretty insightful statement that compared the rash decision making that women do to the rash decision making that parents do when their child is at stake.
“A women’s natural maternal instinct just may be a large part in why they rely on their emotions so much.”

A parent under stress about the welfare of their child isn’t always thinking clearly.  They are only seeing the end result.  An end result that consists of their child being ok and everything returning back to normal.  The path that they choose to reach that end result may not always be a logical one.  But that’s the thing, they don’t care.  Their kid is what lies in the balance.  Females are similar because they think more with their emotions than with their brains.  They allow their feelings and what they want to happen to over shadow what probably should happen.  They have a “let’s get this done now” mentality.  When sometimes they should use a “let’s discuss what the best way is for us to get this done so we’re both happy” mentality. 

I can’t speak for all men but I feel that if there was more of that going on then the world as we know it would be much better place.  How so, you ask?  Well I’ll tell ya.  If women took on this attitude more often then there would be way less drama.  Remember when we discussed that topic?  If there is way less drama then that means their men would be less stressed about making their women happy.  There would be less crimes committed, bills would get paid on time causing the economy to rise and possibly even be better than it was before it fell into the toilet.  I didn’t even mention how the effect of more sex would not only make men happier but women as well.  With this new found delightful attitude, men and women both would perform better in bed which would relieve even more stress and maybe even bring them closer together.  They would go to work happy every day and actually look forward to coming home so they can spend more time together.  Again the crime rate would decrease, less relationships and marriages would end and world peace might even finally happen.  All because everyone is too busy having sex.  Adversely, the population might grow but if everyone bought condoms then the revenue coming from birth control might have a positive effect on the economy which, again, is in the toilet.

So you see, although thinking with your feelings can be a good thing.  Stop, and think with your head sometimes.  For some, it may be like giving your common sense a pair of glasses and it having 20/20 vision.  You’ll be able to see the assholes from far away and also be able to finally notice that diamond in the rough that was right in front of you.  So all in all, girls aren’t completely stupid, they just need a little refresher course from time to time to remind them how to go about making a quality decision.  That’s when men have a PhD in common sense, and I don’t mean “Pretty Huge Dick” (Well some of us, yeah). Believe it or not but boys can make the best teachers.  Because sometimes we can be somewhat smart.

 The End

As usual please feel free to comment and leave your opinion.  I welcome all kinds, negative or positive.  Where would the world be without debate?