Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Girls are Stupid, Boys are Somewhat Smart part 5

...and we push on.  This part acknowledges the great power that women already know that they have...and where they have it.  It also tries to enlighten females to the fact that there are men out there who want much more than just what's in their pants.  I know, you're probably shocked.  Here's what to do: 1. Catch your breath that you lost after reading the above statement. 2. Collect yourself enough to pay extra close attention to the words that come next.  When you're ready, you may begin.

Part 5:

Before the not-always-wonderful world of marriage comes about, you need to be able to weed out the good ones from the bad ones and the not so right for you ones.  I know I’m not going in order here but I don’t really care, it’s my article.  You collate men the same way that we collate women.  By using our common sense.  Ok, well our common sense sometimes comes from a different area a little more southern than yours does.  But we do have our moments when we are done looking for those kinds of girls and ready to start looking for these kinds of girls.  Girls, women, females, same thing.  Bear with me.  Fact of the matter is, use your head ladies.  Then use your heart, a little bit.  Again don’t push away the nice ones because quite frankly they don’t always come back.  Then you all know who you’re stuck with.  It’s either them, other women or your vibrator.  So choose wisely.  Wisely being the most important word here.  That’s when your common sense comes into play.  Wisdom plays a decent amount into the quality of your common sense.  Although I’m sure you all already know this but the first part of your wisdom comes from the fact that you hold all of the power.

Despite what the most experienced and seasoned veteran of female-manipulation that he may be, you hold the final say in all transactions between the two of you.  Whether that be friendship, sex, relationship or marriage.  He may come across like it doesn’t matter to him but think about it, the stereotype of society states that usually men are the ones who make the initial approach.  If he wasn’t interested in the first place, then you’d know it.  One simple sign would take place that would instantly tip you off.  He would ignore you, or at least he wouldn’t flirt with you.  This is sometimes used as a tactic to get you to come to him.  But in this case, if he is paying you absolutely no mind at all, he has no interest.  Since he has chosen to speak to you, he wants something.  Whether that something is friendship (yeah right), sex (9 times out of 10), a relationship (yeah right again) or marriage (hahahaha) is yet to be determined.  But whatever it may be, you are the final judge, you hold the last say-so.  The choice is yours, so he can get with this or he can get going with that. 

What makes this power so dangerous is that women already know this.  Well at least most of them do.  The late, great Ben Parker once told his then naïve nephew that “With Great Power comes Great Responsibility”.  No truer has this ever been as to when it is applied to women.  You hold pretty much all of the cards.  The even more so dangerous part about this is that many of you choose to use this unimaginable power for evil.  You drive good dudes insane who are more than willing to treat you like a queen and do your every bidding.  Not because they want your vagina.  But because, wait for it….wait for it….they want your heart. 

The only thing they care about is making you happy.  Making sure you’re taken care of, that all of your wants and concerns have been met.  Those are the type of men that you shouldn’t use your power to manipulate.  They’ve already been manipulated, but in a good way, by the love that they have for your personality.  I personally feel that you shouldn’t use your power to do anything bad but if you absolutely must play your devious game then do it with the playboys that are way more willing and much better equipped to play it with you.  Some men just want you, simply enough put, and nothing else in their life will fill that void.  Not just any woman or whoever they might meet next but you.  They want you.  These are the guys that you should make worth your time and effort.  Basic and sensibly common as that.

To be continued...