Monday, August 15, 2011

Review Blood: TRUE BLOOD Re-cap of Ep. 44

Episode 44 and counting…"Spellbound"

This week we’ll start things off a little different.  Since the episode began with how last week’s ended… with Jessica about to be turned into a very crispy vampire by the sun.  Our resident hero, and member of the Bon Temps sheriff office, Jason comes to her rescue just in the nick of time.  I began to question just how he managed to wrestle her to the floor, him being a mere human and all, but she quickly took over.  But not to resist him, to deliver a kiss on his lips no doubt for saving her life.  To this inevitable gesture, he responds with a very passionate kiss of his own.  He returns her to her resting place besides Bill who states that they are forever in his debt.

The drama surrounding Jessica certainly doesn’t end there.  After ending his life in a very vivid dream, she breaks up with Hoyt for real.  Obviously he doesn’t take too kindly to having his heart being broken by the vampire he cherishes.  Some pretty hurtful things get spurted from his lips before he revokes her invitation to “their” home.  Crying (or bleeding) all over herself, she goes to see Jason.  Upon hearing what she has done to his best friend and learning of her feelings for him, he also takes back his invitation to her banning her from his home.  We all know what they say about a woman scorned.  I imagine what hell is about to be unleashed by a vampire one. 

Sookie and Eric have yet another rather intimate love-making session.  This time after they drink one another’s blood.  They fall into another one of those vampire blood induced fantasy worlds and wake up in bed, naked.  The audience then learns that she has fallen in love with this new Eric.  Beats me how someone can fall in love after only a few days (a week max) but it is fantasy TV after all.

After joining a new pack, Alcide and Debbie learn that they are to stay out of the impending collision between the witches and vamps from their pack leader.  Debbie voices more of her concern to her boyfriend about Sookie.  The conversation ultimately ends with Alcide reluctantly agreeing to stay away from Sookie forever.  This promise is extremely short-lived as he chases after her to warn her of the danger she’s in because of this wiccan-fanger conflict.  His actions are all caught by the very watchful eye of none other than Debbie.

Lafayette is not only visited again by the singing dead lady hovering over Arlene and Terry’s baby boy but is possessed by her during a dream he has about her past.  Apparently, that dirty looking doll that Mikey has been paling around with is what is connecting her to him.  Surprise, surprise.  While being possessed by her, Lafayette breaks into the Bellefluer’s home and takes little Mikey along with the old doll while his parents are asleep.

After kicking out his brother, Sam pays a visit to Luna to make amends.  A visit which is interrupted by her ex and daughter’s father who is also the leader of Alcide and Debbie’s new pack.  Hmmm, the plot sure does know how to thicken around these parts.  Tommy on the other hand uses his new skill to “skinwalk” to pose as Mrs. Forternberry in order to sell her house and make a quick buck.   Oh Tommy, when will you ever learn? 

After surviving the night, Bill contacts Marnie (her witch-possessed version) and offers to meet in person to try to make amends for what happened to her all those many years ago.  She agrees and they have a foggy confrontation in the cemetery.  Where else, right?  Sookie and Eric decide to join the fight.  She learns that her best friend, Tara, is on the other side of the battle lines which makes this storyline even that much better.  Of course, both Bill and possessed Marnie arrive with super back-up and the melee ensues.  Eric strikes first killing one of Marnie’s followers while Bill prohibits Pam from ending Tara just in the nick of time.  Pam, obscenely pissed, runs off to find some other schmo to eat.  Sookie manages to thwart some witch following naysayer with her fairy powers before she catches a stray bullet.  Who else than Alcide shows up to whisk her away, bullet wound still bleeding and all.  Wow, what an episode.

I’m exhausted just from writing about it.  I loved this week’s as well as all of the others.  I know I say that every week but it’s the truth.  This has got to be one of the better season’s going to date.  On the foreshadowing front, I feel that something will take place between Debbie and her new pack leader.  Seeing Alcide chase after Sookie will only further push her away and into someone else’s arms…or paws.  There’s a small possibility of a rift being formed between Sookie and Tara due to their completely opposite feelings towards vampires.  Of course they won’t kill off the main character, so Sookie will somehow survive her gunshot wound and wake up to now having three men drool over her.  I also have a feeling that Jessica will go rogue now that she’s been shunned by the only two men she’s had feelings for.  Guess we’ll all find out starting with the new episode this Sunday.  ‘Til then, go forth and do bad things.