Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thoughts on...Chris Brown's F.A.M.E.

Superstar singer/dancer Chris Brown has returned with his first studio album since 2009 (GRAFFITI) and his fourth overall. His latest project, F.A.M.E. which stands for “Forgiving All My Enemies”, is his second post-Rihanna drama album. He’s also had a couple of mixtapes released in between which have been pretty good. The title of the album most likely speaks to the portion of the public that have periodically crucified him for the way his last romantic relationship ended.

Agreeing with him, I believe although the allegations against him were serious in nature, it’s about time to try to focus on him as an artist and no longer as a criminal. Of course people are going to believe what they want and accept what they can from stories planted by the media. But bottom line, the only individuals who know exactly what went on in that Lamborghini are Brown, Rihanna and whoever they chose to share the information with.

Now on to the music that is Chris Brown. This latest entry on his musical resume contains ballads that scream sensual experience. Or at least that may be what his production team wants us to believe. Tracks like “Wet The Bed” featuring Ludacris, “Beg For It” which appears on the Deluxe Edition of the album and “No Bulls***” which is also featured on two mixtapes starring the Virginia native speak rather deeply about sexual yearnings and passionate desires. In other words, music that should be played around your better half if you’re looking to get some. Perhaps Brown has decided to follow the successful marketing ploy of fellow entertainer Trey Songz as well as numerous other past male singers. Playing up their sex appeal to their many female fans.

Then there are other selections that seem to speak from the singer’s heart. They are the type of slow jams that you might dedicate to a girlfriend or past lover. To be quite honest, some of the lyrics really sound as if he is trying to make amends with his Barbados born ex-girlfriend. He expresses words of regret and sadness. Of course there’s no clear cut declaration that he’s speaking of the certain Caribbean singer who also released an album late last year. But as a listener, you can let your imagination run as free as you’d like. In contrast to the emotional beats, one track featuring Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa, entitled “Bomb”, continually uses the word to describe a favorite female body part. In this case, Bomb means something very good.

Of course staying true to his entertaining nature, there are plenty of up-tempo dance tracks that you can picture the talented dancer getting down to. The first single off of the album, “Yeah 3X”, is actually one of my favorite songs on the project. The video to this and “She Ain’t You”, which pays homage to his idol the late great Michael Jackson, showcases his creative dancing ability very well. A song with the ever-rising in popularity Justin Bieber might attract some teeny boppers. The pre-teens that first followed Brown when he arose to the music scene nearly four years ago are now no doubt as grown up as he is. All in all, he did quite a decent job on this compilation as well as his last one, GRAFFITI.