Thursday, May 26, 2011

Random Literature


The word helpless carries many meanings. Meanings that can dictate very different things but at the same time portray the same state of being. That state either being not knowing what to do or simply not being able to do anything.

A victim of a crime can feel helpless. A person finding themselves seriously injured after an automobile accident probably feels helpless. Depending on how badly they are hurt, all they can do is lay there and wait for help to arrive. Those moments in-between the accident and the time that assistance comes to their rescue can feel like an eternity. All sorts of thoughts including “will I die here?” dart in and out of their mind.

A person on the receiving end of an assault can feel helpless. Again, probably seriously injured or embarrassed depending on what was done to them, they can feel alone. They might not want to share what happened to them despite desperately needing help. The period of time in which they probably felt the most helpless is during the assault. Especially if the kind of hurt was sexual. The victims in those unfortunate situations usually aren’t able to fight back the way they would like to. Being overpowered and held against your will. Yeah, that will surely make someone feel helpless.

What if there is a sick family member in your group. Everything that can be done for them has already been and now all there is left to do is wait. Of course their loved ones would love to snap their fingers and have whatever disease or condition that is plaguing this member of their family to disappear. Unfortunately this can’t be done. Once again, there is nothing anyone can do and this leaves everyone involved, including the sick member feeling oh so helpless.

But what about something that typically can’t hurt anyone physically but can still be so very crippling at times. Not an actual act or doing but an emotion. Emotions can be just as strong as a display of violence or as an act of goodwill. The strongest of these being love. Love can bring about a state of helplessness. Actually, it does this all too often.

What if you have found yourself to have fallen in love with someone? Depending on just how far you have tripped and fallen for this person measures your state of feeling helpless. Especially if they do not feel the same way. What can you do? Nothing really. Sure, you can tell them. Putting yourself out there is not always fun but it can show just how much you care for them by putting your own pride aside. You can show displays of your affection; give gifts, do things for them, help them in time if need, even help them when they aren’t in time of need.

What if none of this works? They appreciate your fondness of them but simply cannot bring themselves to return the same sentiment. It then hits you that there is nothing you can do to change their mind. Essentially you cannot force someone into even liking you let alone loving you. That state of feeling helpless is quite possibly at its strongest level during this time. This is why this emotion of love can be paralyzing. You can tell yourself, “Well I’m just not going to fall in love”. That’s great, no in fact, that is simply wonderful. But good luck to you. You can only control your feelings to an extent. And you can’t control anyone else’s feelings at all.

Helpless…one of the worst states of mind to find yourself. But through this mindset, you can possibly find a way to still help others. Prevent them from feeling the way that you do. Help them to be happy, bring joy into their lives. Maybe this will, in a way, counteract that sense within you. But that void may always remain, so…maybe not.