Monday, November 29, 2010

Longing for Leggings?????

The oh so infamous leggings. Stylish. Sexy. Convenient. Cute. Comfortable.
Affordable. You can wear them around the house. You can wear them on a date. You can
wear them to the club. And for the fortunate, you can wear them to work! Leggings
here, leggings there, leggings everywhere!!!

Leggings have become the "it" thing to wear and its pretty understandable to see
why. But as stylish and convenient as they are, we need to be mindful of how common
they become. When I'm out, I notice that the majority of females are wearing
leggings. Females are all slowly looking like clones. We are walking around looking
like we are wearing a school uniform. Where's the individuality!!??

I'm not saying to stop wearing leggings, but I am saying to add a little variance
when you where them. Instead of wearing the common black leggings, opt to wear
another color such as brown, beige, grey, blue or even purple. Instead of wearing
plain leggings, wear leggings with a pattern or design. And let's not forget the
jeggings, they are jeans that are so fitting they can be mistaken for leggings.
Jeggings can give you the same legging look you crave.

Please take these tips into consideration when you put on your leggings............
tommorow. :)

By: Charmaine