Thursday, November 4, 2010

Beneficial Beauty Tips

When it comes to make up, do you feel a little challenged? It is totally alright if you do because we all were not blessed with the gifts and talents that a make-up artist possesses. At Emerge, we do not want to see anymore "clown faces" walking the streets. The last we checked Halloween ended October 31 at 11:59 pm. To make your life (and face) a bit easier we compiled a few necessary make-up tips to make your daily glamour process less complicated.

* Wash your face daily to prevent acne and daily dirt build-up and to keep your face looking fresh and healthy.

*Change your make-up at least every six (6) months and clean your make-up utensils regularly. This ensures that hidden bacteria does not harm your face.

*When it comes to foundation/powder know your skin type. Buy foundation/powder that suits your skin whether it be normal, dry or oily. The wrong foundation can reduce coverage or, even worse, cause your skin to break out.

* Go to a make-up counter to find out your correct foundation/powder color. Your foundation/powder should blend in with your skin tone. It should not look obvious that you have on foundation.

*Your complexion gets lighter in the winter and darker in the summer. Go to a make-up counter to find out your 'winter color' and your 'summer color'.

*If you have blemishes/imperfections on your face use concealer before you apply your foundation.

*There is a difference between day make-up and night make-up. Day make-up is a lighter fresher look such as neutral lip wear and bronze color eye shadow. Night make-up is slightly more dramatic with brighter shinier lip color, blush and darker eye shadow (i.e. the smokey eye look)

Hopefully these tips will help you. If you are still in doubt or even dumbfounded about applying your own make-up, do yourself and everybody else a favor; let someone else who knows what they are doing apply your makeup.

-By Charmaine