Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Vision to Direct; Without the Ability of Vision

Film maker, Tim Greene, and Writer, Kevin Wilson, are fighting hard to support a teenager’s, Elizabeth Harrington, dream of creating a film and going to Hollywood. They have started an Indiegogo campaign, Blindness and Cerebral Palsy Can't Keep Teenaged Filmmaker from her Hollywood Dream! (  They have spoken to numerous reporters and journalists; they have promoted on Facebook, other social media sites, articles, emails, disability associations, and the World Blind Organization. The campaign only has 6 days left.

 I asked Tim why he was pushing for this. His answer was touching. He said “people are given a mission and this is my mission.” Tim Greene is a writer, producer, and a director. He has worked and created numerous films. Tim is also a radio personality. He is a very busy successful person who has been amazed by the talent of Elizabeth. They met seven years ago at one of Tim’s workshops in Delaware. Since then he has been her mentor and friend. Her bravery to attend a directing seminar among almost 200 attendees and get on stage to perform her monologue is what astonished Tim Greene. He praises her saying she is a “great co-director” and “she has a natural ability.” To learn more about Tim Greene visit 

 Kevin Wilson ( the person who contacted me through LinkedIn to see how Emerge can help spread this powerful campaign. I truly appreciate the opportunity to reach our audience and followers and hope they help the campaign. Kevin Wilson,, is a publicist and co-producer and a writer. He works with many people including Tim Greene Films, Black Athlete Sports Network, and Sylvester Enterprises. Kevin wants to promote the message “to give us an opportunity to provide a voice to the voiceless.”

 I did not have the opportunity to speak with Elizabeth, fifteen (15) years old, but from the admiration Tim and Kevin gave I feel as though I already know her. They were unanimous in stating that she just lights up a room. She is very talkative and wants to engage with everyone. Tim recalls that he has never seen Elizabeth have a bad day and that beauty inspires thousands of people who are children, disabled, and working towards their dream.  Watch Elizabeth’s video at

 Elizabeth and Tim have already started working on the film. They are giving a voice to the voiceless. Tim Greene encourages the disabled community to support this young talented dedicated girl with a dream by contributing to the Indiegogo campaign. He also encourages you send in a brief bio, a video of yourself singing or dancing or playing a musical instrument. Send him your YouTube or Vimeo videos to You could possibly be in the movie.

If Elizabeth can do it, you can do it too!

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