Sunday, January 22, 2012

Friday's Flick Picks

New Release - Red Tails (2012)

As much as I love film, there have been very few times where I’ve actually really anticipated the opening of a new movie.  This year marks the arrival of probably the most anticipated film in the history of me; THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.  But before the month of July can grace us with its presence, RED TAILS managed to spark my interest from the very first time I viewed its trailer last year.  STAR WARS baby-maker and executive producer George Lucas lends his talents to this rather inspirational story about the Tuskegee airmen, their missions and the adversity they were faced with to earn and succeed in those missions.

Who else to lead a cast of predominantly African-American acting talent than Terrence Howard who to me sometimes looks, from the way he delivers his lines and throws his “coolness” into his parts, like he is vying for the title of ‘the next Denzel Washington’.  He plays Colonel A.J. Bullard who heads the Tuskegee airmen program and fights and scraps to get his men a mission worth bragging about.  After finding themselves doing nothing but “killing traffic” after a slew of assignments blowing up supply trucks and military trains, they finally receive their chance.