Sunday, October 2, 2011

Poetry Corner

Bad Memories

I still remember picking you up at your home and swallowing hard when I saw you.

I remember taking you to that restaurant where we chatted and shared dessert after knocking down some pins.  

I remember you holding my hand after I reached for yours during our stroll before an impromptu movie.  

I remember sitting in the theater debating whether or not I should kiss you when I took you back home.  

I remember aiming for your cheek but you slipping your lips in the way so they caught mine.

I still remember a stupid, nervous remark I made about you having "nice teeth".

I even remember picking you up and carrying you to my car.

I remember our nicknames for each other, yours starting with a "W" and mine with a "P".

I remember expectations falling short soon after.  

Now you're with someone else and I try not to remember...but I still do, you see.  

Now I kind of wish you could remember me.